Annie Cox

E. Annie Cox


Annie joined Retirement Strategy Group in 2018. She worked for Zions Bank and Zions Bancorporation for 5 years. She has experience in marketing and communication. She stayed home full time for 9 years and decided to pursue a career in the finance industry. She is grateful to work with her father, Mark, who has paved the way as her mentor. Her goal is to help guide clients on their path to financial stability. 

Annie is a Utah native and grew up in Sandy dreaming of being a pig farmer. Life had other plans and she decided that wasn’t the path for her after all.  She loves wearing capes at night, not as a super-hero, but just because she looks good in capes. Annie enjoys encouraging her 3 children in their dance, singing, choir, and football activities.  She also spends time snuggling and feeding her overweight cava-malti-cocka-poma-shitsapoodle and enjoying a life that smells much better than a pig farm. 

Annie has eaten at least one piece of chocolate every day since middle school. “Sometimes it’s hard, but once you’re on a streak you can’t let it die. I once found a vending machine at 11:59 pm and was forced to eat a Mounds. A Mounds. It was a low point in my chocolate journey.”

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