Broker Check

Getting what you want ......... Finally!

Imagine you can only shop at one grocery store
and it only has 10 – 15 items. They might be
good products, but eventually you
realize you need more choices to meet your needs.

Now imagine one day while shopping, you find a hidden door in your
grocery store that, when opened, provides thousands of additional

Wouldn’t you be excited?

Your 401k plan is like this store. The “door” is called a Brokerage Window and allows you to choose from thousands of investments. 

 The Pension Protection Act of 2006 was created to allow employers to enhance their retirement plans for their employees.

 What can a Brokerage Window do for you?

  • Provide more choice and investment flexibility
  • Determine appropriate investment risk
  • Customize a retirement solution based on your unique circumstances and goals
  • Maximize your 401k
  • Potentially increase your returns and reduce your risk


       Brokerage windows enable participants to proactively
         manage their investments as they see fit, without
            being handcuffed by a limited set of options.

The question is –

        Do you know how to open the “door”?