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Financial Wellness / Business Seminars

We affect change by becoming the financial advisors for your employees.

Financially stressed-out workers aren’t good for business.  Employees who bring their money worries to work tend to be less productive, less engaged, and raise employer health care costs.  

Good Financial Wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, as well as disability and workers’ compensation costs.  A good program also reduces the amount borrowed from retirement savings and help employees achieve financial stability.

Financial wellness is a comprehensive approach that assesses and supports the overall financial health of an individual.  It is important to appreciate that Financial Wellness programs are ongoing and don’t focus on a single financial concept or timeframe.  It is a continuous program which helps employees balance immediate needs with long-term planning. 

A successful Financial Wellness program is when employees have:

  • Minimal financial stress
  • A strong financial foundation (little or no debt, an emergency savings fund and living below their means)
  • A plan they are following that guides them toward meeting future financial goals

Questions regarding Financial Wellness or Seminars

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